How to look after your jewellery

Just invested in a beautiful item of jewellery? Even the best jewellery can break or wear over time so looking after them properly is key! Here are a few of our top tips for looking after your jewellery and keeping it looking its best for longer.

Don't lump it all into one box

I am sure you have pulled out a whole pile of tangled necklaces before (we swear they tangle themselves) untangling them can be a nightmare and can also cause breakage. Try to keep your jewellery stored in their own individual boxes to avoid tangling, scratching and breaking.

Remove your jewellery for manual tasks and the gym

Something we see a lot of is misshaped rings where people have worn them for lifting in the gym or performing other kinds of manual work. It's even hazardous to your precious diamonds too! Diamonds may be forever but can actually crack or become dislodged if caught by a heavy blow from an awkward angle.

Take care with perfume and lotions

This one can easily slip your mind but make sure that any perfumes, hairspray or lotions have fully set before putting on your jewellery as these products can discolour or tarnish your jewellery.

Remove your jewellery before swimming

Chlorine can take a beautiful shiny piece of jewellery and turn it dirty and dull within minutes! Make sure you remember to remove your jewellery before you go swimming. It may look good in an Instagram photo but it is definitely not worth risking the damage it can cause.

Take photos of your valuable pieces

This is one I can't stress enough! Make sure to take photos of your valuable jewellery, engagement rings, wedding rings, family heirlooms, etc. If your item gets lost or stolen you need to have proof of it existing the first place. Insurers will only replace like for like too so getting images are vital for receiving the correct compensation.

We really hope you have enjoyed reading our blog post and have learnt some great tips on how to look after your jewellery. If any of the above seem hauntingly familiar to you and you have a much-loved item that has been damaged/tarnished, we may be able to help! Pop into our jewellery shop in Horsham and we will try our best to return your jewellery to perfection again.