Restoration & jewellery repairs Sussex

Restoration & jewellery repairs Sussex

Looking for jewellery repairs Sussex? The most satisfying parts of my job are repairing something precious that has broken or creating something new out of an old piece! It’s not an option that people are generally aware of, but thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to take individual elements from old jewellery and create something contemporary and exciting. This is something we have been doing for many years at Sakakini.

We use Computer Aided Drafting – popularly known as CAD Design – to create an exact visual replica of the design. Only then do we proceed to make a casting of the item, before creating the finished piece.

Do you have old jewellery in need of repair kicking around your home?

It may be pieces that have been passed down through generations that hold sentimental value that have broken or contain a certain element you don't like. If it's broken we can repair it and if you don't like certain elements of the ring, bracelet or necklace, there are also many options available to you!

Sometimes, it’s a simple problem – you like the stones and pattern, but don't like wearing yellow gold. In this instance, you can opt to have the piece remade with white gold for about £750. However, getting the piece rhodium plated instead only costs around £35 and gives you that same exact same crisp, pristine white gold colour!

We can also place your precious stones from different items of jewellery into a whole new exciting piece. The sky's the limit!

Worried about the cost?

We will work with you and your budget to find the best and most affordable way to repair/restore your jewellery!

Another benefit of using Sakakini is that we are also a pawnbroker! This means you can bring in scrap gold, or old jewellery you don’t wish to keep, to offset the cost of new jewellery.

So, have a think about special occasions that are coming up, go through your jewellery box and see if there are some old items you could transform! If so, pop into our little shop in Horsham, Sussex for a no-obligation discussion. Maybe we can help give these pieces a new lease of life!

For simple repairs we can do this whilst you wait!

Contact us for more information:

Email - sakgems@gmail.com

Phone - 01403 250200